24 years ago, Enéas Carneiro warned: “The genocidal project is underway. They want Brazil”


(automatic translation)

The hegemonic countries (France, England, Germany, Japan, USA, Canada, Italy, etc…) are in a desperate situation.

They lack what will be fundamental in the 21st century. They lack the energy to move all their machines, all their ships.

And where is humanity going to turn all its eyes to have its machines (its cars, electricity) all working?

Humanity will turn to one thing: The SUN … which is practically an eternal source of energy.

And how can I use solar energy? It’s simple.

Nature wisely takes solar energy and absorbs it in the leaves of plants.

Then, this energy is transformed (by a vegetable metabolic process) into oils … into carbohydrates, lipids.

It is known today … anyone who has knowledge knows … that vegetable oils from Brazil (castor oil, babassu oil, etc…) … any one of them is capable of replacing diesel with much advantage.

This is exactly what is the reason the eyes from outside are focused on the Amazon.

They know that HERE IS the greatest wealth on the planet… energy wealth.
What they want out there is to take over our territory.

The people are of no importance.

That’s why the genocidal process is underway.

It is important that this land (Brazil) is a huge space with a minimum of people.

It is important for our population to be as illiterate as possible.

It is important that no voice is raised from here, so that these rascals who are there (in power) can deliver everything that is ours to the outside world.

All structures behind the left are surrendered.

It’s a Dantesque scenario. Getúlio Vargas saw this at that time when he nationalized the underground … he was the last nationalist.

Since then, there has been a succession of surrendered governments.

That’s what’s behind it all!
It is the great wealth of a nation that has everything to be sovereign … of the richest nation in the world.

Here I was born, I am a child of this land and I will die here. As long as a drop of blood is circulating in my blood vessels, I will fight.

If I get there (in the presidency), we will be proud to be Brazilian. We will get up.


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