Chinese donate R$ 1.7 million to unions and CEF employees go on strike


The National Federation of Trade Unions of China (ACFTU – All China Federation of Trade Unions) made a “donation” of 300 thousand dollars (R $ 1.7 million) to the Forum of Trade Union Centers in Brazil, which brings together groups such as CSB, CUT , Força Sindical, UGT, CTB and NCST.

According to the institution, which is linked to the Communist Party of China, the amount will be used for actions against Covid-19.

“The unions of the two countries insisted on putting the health and safety of workers and peoples first, eliminating all types of political noise and actively carrying out pragmatic cooperation, which serves as an example of cooperation in combating the pandemic for the international union movement “- informed Jiang Guangping, vice president of ACFTU.

The use of funds will still be defined by the Forum of Union Centers.

Even with the reduction of resources, CUT has recently invested in campaigns in large vehicles against privatization and administrative reform.


This Tuesday morning (27), supported by the CUT, employees of Caixa Econômica Federal decided to go on strike.

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