India sets world record for infections in 24hours, but virus kills 3x less than in Brazil


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India recorded an absolute world record of 312,731 new infections in a 24-hour period, the Indian health ministry said on Thursday.

It is the highest daily count of cases in a single country since the virus appeared in China more than a year ago.

India’s total surpassed the previous high of 300,669 cases in a single day, which occurred in the United States on January 8, according to a New York Times database.

In the past two months, the outbreak in India has exploded, with reports of lack of oxygen and ambulances lined up outside hospitals because there are no ventilators for new patients.

As cases around the world reach new weekly records, 40% of infections come from India, a worrying reminder that the pandemic is far from over, even as infections decline and vaccine acceleration in the United States and other wealthy parts of the world.

India surpassed the total of 15.6 million infections, the second highest after the United States.

The death toll also began to rise precipitously.

On Thursday, the Indian government recorded 2,104 deaths and an average of more than 1,300 people died of the virus every day last week.

That’s less than in the worst points of the pandemic in the United States or Brazil, but it’s a sharp increase from just two months ago, when less than 100 people died daily in India.

To get an idea, in recent weeks, Brazil has recorded a daily average of 65 to 70,000 new infections and a daily average of deaths above 3,000.

In India, the daily average of infections in recent weeks is above 120,000 new confirmed cases. (almost twice as much as Brazil).

The curious thing is that even with the infection rate in the heights, the daily average of deaths (last weeks) in India is at 1200/day.

Did you understand, dear internet user?

India has (in recent weeks), twice the average of infections in Brazil, but the average number of deaths/day is almost 1/3 of the deaths that occurred in Brazil.

Of the two: either the variant circulating in India is more mild than the manaus variant (which predominates in Brazil) or the Indians continue to do some kind of treatment as soon as they detect the first symptoms.

There is also a third way of thinking: Are all the deaths recorded as Covid in Brazil really deaths occurred by Covid?


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