Political prisoner, former deputy is at risk of dying in jail


The ‘Democratic rule of law’ that kill Jefferson?

(automatic translation)

After getting sick and being treated at the UPA in the Gericinó Complex, in Bangu, the national president of the PTB (Brazilian Democratic Party), Roberto Jefferson, was diagnosed with Bilateral Acute Pyelonephritis, an infection that affects the kidneys.

The bulletin was released on Monday (31) by the former deputy’s press office.

According to the information given to the press, Jefferson is indisposed, with fluctuating blood pressure, in a feverish state and with swollen feet due to the infectious condition.

He was arrested through the inquiry that investigates the role of “digital militias” that promote attacks on institutions and democracy.

This morning, Justice Alexandre de Moraes (of the Supreme Court) denied the defense’s request for release so that Jefferson could be placed under house arrest for health reasons.

On the 14th, during the custody hearing, the politician’s defense informed the Supreme Court that he has “chronic diseases, cancer (Adenocarcinoma and Cholangitis), having been hospitalized more than 20 times, undergoing treatment for kidney infection and would have a “surgery of stent scheduled for the beginning of August”.

He also claimed to take “various medications for continuous use (Pancreatin, Glifage 500mg, Luftal, Lexotan, Deller for depression, Recontar for depression, Crestor for cholesterol, Aspirin 100mg, 3 drugs for cancer prevention, vitamin complex, iron, Synthroid, Trayenta )”.


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