They want to beat you out of fear. India’s situation is worrying, but not so much

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And the world news continues to spread panic in the population …

Notice that they [brown media] are all orchestrated. CNN International, the NY Times and other leading groups give the first chords … and everyone else follows the symphony.

The ball is India.

Some of today’s top hyped headlines:

“India has 4th consecutive day of world record for Covid-19 infections” – “India has new record for covid cases and sees pandemic getting out of hand” – “What explains the Covid catastrophe in India?” – “Tragedy: India suffocates with Covid” – “Variant of India worries scientists even more” – “USA announces aid to India”

Let’s go to the numbers

Although India is beating a world record for infections, the number of deaths per million in the country is one of the lowest in the world.

That is, until today (25) the situation is not as dramatic as it seems.

With 1.366 billion inhabitants, India confirmed (yesterday evening) 17,306,300 cases of Covid-19. The death toll reached 195,116.

Brazil, for example, has a population 6.5 times smaller and the number of deaths (389,609) is almost double that of India.

In terms of deaths per million, India occupies the 119th position in a ranking of 222 (countries or territories).

There are exactly 140 deaths per million inhabitants, an almost irrelevant number when compared to countries like Brazil, USA, Belgium, Mexico, Peru, France and others. (table below)

This means that the virus is spreading at great speed, but with a relatively low mortality rate.

Dozens of other diseases have a rate well above 140 deaths per million people.

What is the fear of the introductors of the ‘New Order’?

Their dread is this: Imagine just a huge country (like India) naturally creating herd immunity.

Have you thought about the loss of this group?

Beware of the terrorist media!

check the table below: (source: https: //


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