We are destroying the world, right under your nose

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(Rodrigo Miceli – writer)

CNN Brasil headline: “New variant of the Coronavirus that appeared in England will sweep the world and Pandemic could extend for TEN YEARS, says an expert”

In other words, from “fifteen days to flatten the curve” we spent THREE THOUSAND Six hundred and fifty (3,650) days of confinement.

From “a round of Lockdown to expand the health care system”, we go on to endless rounds of Lockdown with little or nothing changing in our health care system.

From “a cloth mask to curb the spread of the virus”, we go to “two masks to curb the spread of the virus; one cloth and one surgical”.

From one or two doses of vaccine to be immunized, we go to periodic doses of vaccine to adapt to the constant mutations of the virus.

Do you see? It only gets worse. The less “emergency measures” have an effect, the more you bet on them.

Does the mask prove ineffective to contain the spread of the virus? So let’s put on two masks.

Does the lockdown prove ineffective to contain the spread of viruses? So let’s do more lockdowns, one more rigid than the other.

Are experimental vaccines ineffective in the face of constant virus mutations? So let’s speed up the vaccine race and vaccinate seven billion people worldwide!

All of this at HUGE financial and social cost, destroying industries, companies, family businesses, careers, etc. etc.

According to “experts”, we have ten more years of these wonderful “scientific approaches” ahead.

Note: The scheduled date for the end of the Pandemic “coincides” with the deadline stipulated by the UN to reach “169 goals for sustainable development”; a “Universal Agenda” known as “Agenda 2030”.

The “Great Reset”, therefore, will last from 2020 to 2030. From then on we will have our Brave New World.


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