Without food from Brazil, China would have to consume rats and bats

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China enjoyed an annual growth of 15%, and bathed the economies of the West.

He got brave, started to face the American leadership.

What did the American government do? It began to divert investments from China to India.

Soon, India started to grow 15% a year and China was languishing, languishing until it fell in the international average of the smaller economies, with 3.5% of growth.

Then, that growth dropped to 1.5%.

With a population of 1.4 billion mouths to feed and the need to occupy so many people, the Chinese have gone into ignorance, when they should stop biting the United States.

Chinese ignorance is called spreading viruses around the world.

Before the corona, China spread two viruses that caused huge losses, but did not shake any economy.

With the corona, China has advanced in strategy, using bribery policy to make the virus a neutralizing weapon.

The Chinese woman trapped in the supermarket in Australia spitting on food is the ‘symbol’ of this strategy.

But all evil causes a reaction and China did not know that the world would perceive the coup; a reaction against Chinese products.

China focused on Brazil to implement its communist dictatorship, where food production remains, and found all the facilities in bribing left and center politicians, all bandits and easily dominated.

Stateless persons are easy to handle.

Buying Dória (governor of São Paulo) was like buying a dozen bananas at the fair.

Dória believed that China will make him president of a dictatorial Brazil, with him functioning as a Chinese puppet and accumulating a Saudi king’s fortune.

In the midst, all other corrupt rulers joined the coup against Brazil.

They [the Chinese] just didn’t know that here the people support the President… and that people will never allow a communist dictatorship to take over the country.

The result of that?

China will be screwed with green and yellow. (the colors of the Brazilian flag)

Without American investments, it will break.

Without being able to dominate Brazil and our inexhaustible source of food production, it will have to raise rats and bats so that its people do not die of hunger.

The day is not far away that China will exterminate hundreds of millions of Chinese.

It will be enough to do like Mao and Stalin and let them die of hunger.

And it will be out of ideological necessity.

Everyone has seen what China is capable of.

Buying dishonest politicians was easy, but implanting a communist dictatorship in Brazil, overthrowing a president who popular support and protection of the Armed Forces, is above the capacity of the Chinese.


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